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TechnoReview Hairdresser Mobile App

TechnoReview Hairdresser Mobile App

Our TechnoReview Hairdresser Mobile App will boost your Business Revenues

Does your Salon have a TechnoReview Hairdresser mobile app?

  • Do you know that:
    • Over 62% of business have a mobile app?
    • We spend 172 minutes a day on our mobiles
    • One-third of all millennials’ purchases are completed by a mobile app.
  • If you don’t have a mobile app, isn’t it time you followed the other 62% who do?
  • The good news is that we have already helped several cafes develop their own apps.
  • With an app you can:
    • Send notifications with special offers, quiet night deals, weekend specials to everyone with an app
    • Allow customers to make a booking online using your in-app calendar
    • Showcase pictures of your haircuts and beauty treatments
    • Sell branded merchandise (shampoo, conditioner, beauty products)on your in-app store
    • Facilitate customer feedback
    • Run successful loyalty schemes to improve customer retention

The best part is the value of the app way far outweighs the cost. Why don’t you run the figures yourself based on the value of a 30% increase in trade?

Please Call us HERE for FREE or Email us Here and Take Action Now.

I hope you enjoyed the post: TechnoReview Hairdresser Mobile App

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Hair Salon Mobile App : How will it help me

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